Because I am a computer doofus, it takes me forever to figure out the simplest things.  Sometimes.  Like, for instance, activating the Comments function on this blog.  I’ve been getting complaints from a few people for some time that they’ve been unable to post comments here for some reason.  I’d go into the guts of the blog, make sure the right stuff was checked—especially the one that says Allow People to Comment?—and still, no go.

Well, there was a pre-registration function apparently which I’d set so only authorized Users could register and comment.  Well, hell, I’m the only authorized user besides my webmaster.  A small difference in nomenclature.  I opted for the Everyone Can Comment thing…or is Everyone Can Register To Comment?…don’t know, don’t know.

Well, I may be a doofus but I learn.  Click enough buttons and eventually you hit the right combination.  The Comments function is now enabled and you all can start inundating me with your wisdom.  Or what have you.

Thank you, Nicola, for testing it again.  We are up and running.