More Images

Since beginning to work with Photoshop, I’ve been doing some archaeology.  Unearthing slides and negatives buried around the house.  For so long I used whatever lab I worked at to produce images that when I finally found myself working entirely at home, I basically dumped my files wherever I found room.  Now I’m trying to locate stuff.

Sounds horribly disorganized, I know.  That’s me, though.  Both my parents are methodical, organized, neat people.  Me, not so much.  I have never been able to maintain an organized environment for any length of time.  I have to do major cleaning every so often.  (Right now my office is a disaster, having been the place everything from upstairs has ended up during progressive cleanings of the main part of the house.  And it’s winter and I’ve moved most of my writing upstairs to save on the heating bill.)

I’ve been trying to find several pages of 35mm slides now for months.  These pages were once intended to be portfolio sheets, representing what I could do.  In my imagination, the magnificence of the images was beginning to take on epic proportions.  Well, I found them today and that magnificence…well, they ain’t bad.

They are quite suitable for manipulation, though, and I’ve begun the process of making them suitable for whatever may come.  For example:


I shot that after dawn one day in September, about 1978 or so.  I forget where.  I just got in the car and drove and found some back roads.  I used to do that a lot.  Throw the cameras in the back seat, just tank up and drive, see what I could find.

I was never so much with people, at least I didn’t think so at the time, but I’ve done a lot of fair portraits.  But I did like doing the occasional bit of narrative photography.  Like this:


(That one wasn’t quite that vibrant in the original.)

This has been great fun and I think I’m getting inspired to try exhibiting again.  I never pursued that enough.  Maybe this time I’ll stick to it a bit more tenaciously.  I’ll say this, with all the material I have in boxes I really wouldn’t need to take anymore photographs.

Not to worry.  I don’t intend to stop seeing.  Not by a longshot.