Come One, Come All!

One of the things I have been notably bad at over the years is promoting myself.  I’ve published ten novels and still have a hard time sounding my own trumpet.  So this is a departure for me.

Announcing the official release party for my new book, Gravity Box and Other Spaces, published by Walrus Publishing.

June 25th, 2014, at Left Bank Books— here —we’re having a book release party.  There will be refreshments, there will be fascinating people, there will be copies of my new book (plus copies of some of my other titles).  Seven PM, in the Central West End, St. Louis, MO.  Did I mention to go here for more information?

This is my first book-length short story collection and I am very proud of these stories.  As a bit of a departure from the normal collection, most of these stories are new and previously unpublished.  A number have seen print elsewhere.  I have been graced with a wonderful cover by the brilliant John Kaufmann.


Gravity Box Cover

I’ll be posting updates when I have updates to post.  But for now, be aware, this is a happening thing.  I’m sending out direct invitations via email to various people, but consider this notice as well that, if possible, you should come to this event.  It would make my heart glad.

More later.



Last night a few of us gathered to say good-bye to something really good.  The downtown location of Left Bank Books has closed.  There were many reasons for this, none of which had to do with our customers, who were wonderful.  For the last couple of years a good part of my waking hours have been spent working toward helping that store be a success and my efforts were not altogether for nothing.  A couple more years, who knows?

But it brought me into the company of a fine group of people, for which I will always be grateful.

Anyway, I took this image as Donna and I were leaving for the last time.  Somehow, it speaks to my state of mind.

Downtown, Last Light
Downtown, Last Light