More Music

I wish I had recordings.  Sometimes, these monthly jam sessions just turn out sweet.

I don’t have much to say about this past Saturday night’s coffeehouse other than everyone had a good time and we had some surprising performances.  So rather than try to recapture the musicality, I offer a few images.

Bob is a multitalented player, whose skill I envy.  A pleasant surprise was his daughter, Diane, showing up, who turned out (not very surprisingly) to be musically adept as well.








The guy on the right is one of my oldest friends, Tom.  Back in The Day we had aspirations to be rock stars.  For my money, I got something better—a lifelong friend.



I “premiered” a piece I’d written a long time ago for a friend and colleague, Allen Steele.  He wrote a delightful story called Blues For A Red Planet and I couldn’t resist doing something musical with it.  Aside from a quote from Holst, there’s not a lot Martian in it, and I’ve never played it publicly before because it requires a decent drummer—which I finally got with Bob, providing the appropriate thunder.


Ended the evening with an unexpected bongo number with our two drummers.  Reminded me of some of the percussion moments from Santana concerts.