Archon 36 is approaching and I’ve taken out a couple of panels in the art show.  Consequently, I’ve been playing in order to create images suitable for a science fiction/fantasy art show.  My most recent accomplishment:


Twin Sun Pastoral

I have a few others, plus a couple of actual paintings and drawings, but I’m fairly pleased with this one.

Now for the crass commercial message.  This image is for sale.  The one I’ll be hanging at Archon will be and you can order one directly from me.  Just drop me an email, mentioning the image title (Twin Sun Pastoral) and I will reply with price and all that.

In fact, most of my visual art is available for purchase and some time in the next couple of months I’m going to be putting up another page here to feature an “image of the month” for sale.

End of commercial.  As I become better acquainted with Photoshop, I’m finding ways to realize more interesting images.  (I recently discovered the magic wand and it has opened up vast possibilities!)  I hope you enjoy it at least.

And thank you in advance for your consideration.

2 thoughts on “Playing

  1. That’s one heck of a beautiful image! Are you selling only through your site, or will you be using Zazzle and FineArtAmerica? Photoshop is a deceptively complex program with so many options. Have fun. It’s an endless exploration.

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I am finding out just how versatile Photoshop is. It can be addictive in a way—you can get so caught up in manipulating that you never finish playing with an image—but it has allowed me to make photographs from my old negatives of a quality I never quite achieved in the darkroom.

      I’m selling them through here. I have (check the sidebar links) a Zenfolio gallery, but for the time being I’m going to handle sales more or less the old fashioned way—customer orders, sends check, I make print, etc, and mail it. In future I may start using the direct sale option through Zenfolio.

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