I Do Not Look Like This Anymore

I’m a bit vain, I admit it.  I like looking…well, it’s hard to pin down.  I have never considered myself “good looking” by any popular standards.  I have my own and I have frankly never lived up to them quite.  But I have a care for my appearance, which drives me to the gym and to trim my beard and to dress well when I can.

It’s a struggle against entropy.  It won’t destroy me to lose it, but to do my best without killing myself is important.  I’m not vain enough to do liposuction.  If my hair falls out, I’ll shave my head rather than wear a “laurel wreath.”  Mainly, I try to keep the muscle-to-fat ratio at an acceptable level, make sure my teeth are clean, and watch my posture.  Let the rest go where it may.

I had this photograph done back in the mid-90s, when I thought I was on my way to being some kind of Big Time Writer.  I’ve used it a few times.  It is now quite dated.  The beard, for instance, is now almost all white.

I can still get into the mesh shirt though…


Published by Mark Tiedemann