Pardon Me While I Reorder My Kingdom redux

During the recent kerfluffle with this blog—you know, when it disappeared for almost three weeks?—I fretted that I’d lost a huge amount of material.  But my ISP people saved the site and restored it.

Almost.  Below is a repost from January 7th (the day before it all crashed) which seems to have been the only casualty.  I recovered this from, of all places, Goodreads, which apparently reposts entirely the blogs to which it is linked.  So if you think you’ve read this before, well, maybe you have.


What I thought would be a simple matter of swapping one desk for another has turned into a major endeavor.  I wanted a new work desk for my new computer for the new year.  I’ve been toying with this for some time and I finally received the necessary nudge (in the form of a new flatscreen monitor of great size and wonderfulness) to act upon the intent.

Naturally, (because this is how my life operates) it has become a complete office make-over.

This while at the same time I decided to start a new blog (on the sidebar, under My Pages, The Proximal Eye) dedicated to book reviews and related ephemera and when I have begun to feel the itch to start a new novel and I must get back to the gym on a regular basis and and and…

Never simple.  Be that as it may, I have photographed the mayhem and will document the results for a later post.  I’m relating this now to let people know that I have not fallen off the planet, only that I will be somewhat preoccupied for the near future and may not be posting very much here.  (Though I’m planning a new Proximal Eye post as I write this.)
I trust the results will be both productive and entertaining.  (For you, not for me.  I hate moving furniture, and last night Donna decided I needed a new carpet.  Well, I do, but that means moving even more stuff!  Grrr!)

Wish me luck.