Other Stuff, Sundry and Otherwise

I posted a new piece over at my Other Place, The Proximal Eye.  A few folks have expressed a bit of amazement that I began another blog.  After all, I’m constantly complaining of lack of time.

But I’m a writer, first and foremost, and call me shallow (you did! how dare you take me at my word…?) but getting words out in front of people is what being a writer is mainly about.  Being paid for those words is, of course, part of the plan, to which the new blog is a necessary long term component.  That will become clear.

I’m getting ready (soon, soon) to start work on a new novel.  Part of the delay is getting settled into a new schedule, since I have a Day Job once again.  Didn’t I tell you?  Yes, I work for Left Bank Books.  This is a heady combination of smart and unwise on my part.  I work in a bookstore now!  I have a book habit.  This is like employing a junkie in a pharmacy.

But after a few hefty purchases, I’m beginning to exert discipline.  Don’t know how long it’ll last, but we’ll see.

That aside, so far I’m enjoying it.  For one, the people working there are, without exception, terrific.  Eclectic, sure, but then what am I?  I can only hope to aspire to the level of eclecticism on display in the intellectual variety of the Left Bank crew.  If you live in St. Louis and have not paid the place a visit, well, what’s taking you so long?  Get your ass in there and marvel.

Now for another act of self-discipline.  I’m cutting this short, right here, now, and turning to my other writing—fiction.

Eat. Sleep. Read.  (Come in to the store, you’ll understand.)

Also, make time enough for love.



  • Well I saw your blog and I am thoroughly impressed to see so much stuff on the side, Jethro Tull haven’t thought of him in a long while, although he was a favorite. I played the flute too, ya no.
    Ansel Adams, mind blowing, at least I know you have good taste. I’ll come visit you on the west Bank, because I went to paris once , went into the Jeu de Paume , saw a Van Gogh and became an artist, fucking up my life, Ok , I have 2 ears but only one half a lung and today I’m feeling sad.
    However I’m going to sing. and I will mention my new post as it’s National or Inter national Eating Disorder Month, and I guess I have my own take on it.
    BUT I am going to follow you and to tell you, I’m mighty impressed. I think I’m an Impresario. Thanks