Light, Life Lessons, Picture Making

Recently we stepped out of town to visit our friend John in Jefferson City.  We needed to do a little rehearsing for a thing we’re doing in a couple of weeks and we very much needed to decompress.  As usual, I took a few photos.  So here are a couple of them, with remarks to follow.

Moon thru branches, December 2014Stream, trees, December 2014
















Okay, one of the annoying things about being me is that I am impatient.  I want what I want RIGHT NOW and I will try any shortcut to get it.  This is a very inconvenient characteristic to be stuck with considering that almost everything I want to do requires patience to do right.  I have been forced over the years to willfully apply a semblance of patience to my work, which I do not naturally possess, in order to achieve desired result.

I’ve been relying for some time now on the autofocus function on my newish, expensive DSLR.  I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the sharpness of my work, so I recently switched that function off, slowed down, and have been manually focusing.  The results are much better.  To my eye.

Now, it doesn’t take that much more time for me to focus than it does for the camera to do it, but it’s another step, and I want to get the image recorded NOW.  It took time for me to realize my mistake and correct it.  I hope to be procucing better work now.

Out the Back, December 2014

Trees and field, December 2014, b&w