I’m being terribly tardy keeping up with things since coming back from Pittsburgh.  I have a lot to do and the doing is being difficult.  But I’ve been given a clean bill for my arm, so I’m going back to the gym, but so far that’s the only thing I’ve managed to get on top of.  I need to replace my computers, because they are ancient and deserve rest.  Not to mention I have now gone full time at Left Bank Books.  Not to mention I’m still working on a book (as always), and not to mention…

One thing I did not do was watch the GOP debates.  I have enough crazy in the my life just now, thank you very much, and I can rely on the endless news cycle and friends to keep my apprised on the stupidity on display in what accounts for one of the major political parties.

Which is not in any way the implication of the title of this post.  I’m not going Green Party, not yet.  Rather, I thought I’d put up a new image as place marker and something pleasant for people to gaze upon while I sort through my new schedule and the pile of To Do.

On, and I did shoot this in Pittsburgh.  Just, you know, for your information, as if you need it…


Leaves Aglow, July 2015

Published by Mark Tiedemann