A Few More Memories

I thought I’d post a handful of photographs from Clarion ’88.  Just a few.  The temptation to try to do humorous captions is great, but I decided to simply be informative.  Enjoy.


The entrance to Owen Hall, the dorm building

Van Hoosen, where the workshops were conducted


Tim Powers, our first week writer-in-residence, in session


Pizza with Powers


Daryl Gregory, doing his Tim Powers “I Got No Story” Clarion Blues


Kelley Eskridge arrived already injured, with sprained ankle, but as optimistic as the rest of us


One of many outdoor meals held in the courtyard of Van Hoosen.  Lisa Goldstein, second week instructor, is in the midst of students here


One of the other eateries in East Lansing frequented by Clarionites


Chip Delany, third week instructor


Nicola Griffith


Andy Tisbert, Me (attempting inscrutability), and Kimberly Rufer-Bach during a workshop


Kate Wilhelm, Kim Stanley Robinson (fourth week instructor), and Damon Knight.  Kate and Damon were fifth and sixth week


We had our own t-shirts and sweat shirts made, with a logo for our year, and “reading matter” on the back.  This was the day they arrived


During the last week we wrote a “group story” which blatantly abused all the “rules” we’d learned.  This was it’s one and only performance.  Daryl Gregory, Brooks Caruthers, Me, Lou Grinzo, and Kelley Eskridge

The quality of the photos may not be the best, but these were done long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  The memories cannot be contained in so few pictures, yet for those of us who were there, they may trigger the infinity of all that we shared.

Published by Mark Tiedemann