Noir At The Bar 2 (Two), Too

I have a new short story in this anthology.  really, you should go buy one.  I mean, I’m not the only one in it, there are many stories by some really good writers.  They even went so far as to do this rather interesting book trailer:

Look who else is in this!


Erik Lundy
John Rector
Caleb J. Ross
Hilary Davidson
Aaron Michael Morales
Matthew C. Funk
Kevin Lynn Helmick
John Hornor Jacobs
Jane Bradley
Matthew McBride
Cortright McMeel
Fred Venturini
Gordon Highland
David James Keaton
Nic Young
Jason Makansi
Robert J. Randisi & Christine Matthews
Jesus Angel Garcia
Tim Lane
Nate Flexer
Glenn Gray
Duane Swierczynski
Jon McGoran
Les Edgerton
Frank Bill
Mark W. Tiedemann
Benjamin Whitmer

I mean, hell…that’s a lot of bang for the buck.

You can buy it from Subterranean Books.  Not to be confused with Subterranean Press, which is completely different.