When I Was But A Wee Thing

I found a very old packet of photographs the other day, going all the way back to nearly the beginning.  They were snapshots taken the day of my Christening.  This would have been, according to the date written in the booklet, November of 1954.  I pulled the one of my parents and me, did a little clean-up with photoshop, and here it is.

Mom was a fox, dad had moviestar good looks—maybe B picture, but who cares?  Mom was absolutely crazy about him and he has never lost his complete fascination with her.  They have never regretted a single day they’ve spent together as far as I know (barring the usual ups and downs every relationship has) and they are good companions.  At this point, they hadn’t been married quite eleven months.  Me?  I’ve been privileged to be along for the ride and I credit them with teaching me  how to love my own Donna.  “You have to like each other,” Dad told me once.  “Love comes and goes, but when you’re not in love, you have to like each other.”

That was the absolute truth.

Published by Mark Tiedemann