For The New Year

Starting off on a positive step, I’ve made a change on the site.  Not much of a one, but it could lead to something special.

The Art page has been static for some time now.  Technical issues among other things.  But I decided to move the art to a site that can give me a little better control and offer the possibility of expanding this part of my creative life.  Take the plunge, go for it, I say, put your stuff out there where people can see it.

So over the weekend, with a bit of help from my webmaster, I changed the Art link to a hosting site that offers a nicer look and some bells and whistles.  You can go to the main page and click on Art or just go here.

If I get enough visitors, comments, hits, etc that it seems worthwhile, I can upgrade this site to allow people to purchase an original Mark W. Tiedemann image.  Who knows, some of you might.  But I want to see what kind of interest can be generated first.

Meantime, I can add more images to this page much more easily than with the original and the display is better.  I’m fairly pleased with the look.

So if  you think it’s worth a look, please spread the word.  I think (he admits modestly) I’ve done some decent photography in my time and I’ve been wanting to showcase it to more advantage.  This might be the solution.

Thank you and enjoy the show.

One thought on “For The New Year

  1. Mark, this is great… we’d love to have one of your pieces. BTW, I got _Remains_ sent off to our acquaintance and ordered a second… so you’ll still have to sign that one, too! 😉

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