Fiction On-Line?

So the new novel is finished and in the mail.  My agent has it now.  From there, who knows?

Anyone who has kept up with me here knows that the last five years have been, well, dismal publishing-wise.  The situation became even more complicated in 2008 when the global economy fell into the toilet and publishing began to look like a front-line regiment in WWI.  Everyone in the field watched in horror at the casualty figures as an industry that had seemed to be doing pretty well began hemorrhaging at the pores.

Naturally, I’ve been trying to think of What To Do Next in order to stave off professional oblivion.  Writing one more novel that will likely end up sitting on someone’s desk for X number of years, unread, unrejected, and unbought (obviously) seems silly, unless I write it for pure love.

One notion is to do what a few others have done to some success.  Put up a novel here, on my website, for free.


I need readers.  I need a fan base.  I need to get my work in front of people who might really like it.

So I’d like to hear what everyone thinks.  (Yes, I actually have such a beast, about two-thirds completed.  With enough interest, I would certainly finish the book sooner than later.)

I’ve never gotten a lot of commenter feedback here, so I don’t even know how many of you read me on any kind of regular basis.  This might be a good time to make yourselves known and tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “Fiction On-Line?

  1. Jason Rayl was more mysterious sounding. Perhaps change the Jason to something like Joachim or Joaquin. Joaquin Rayl.

    Then there is Kindle, got to somehow get involved there, perhaps submit a free chapter to Amazon. Also, how does one purchase (paypal etc) books from your website or do I just go to amazon and search for rayl/tiedemann ?

  2. Ben,

    Aside from early posts at Dangerous Intersection, I’ve published nothing else under “Jason Rayl.” (He is, in fact, a character in a very large, very old, very unpublished novel of mine.)

    For the time being, until I set up a paypal account and get all that organized (in my “spare” time, whenever that will be) go to Amazon and look for Mark W. Tiedemann, OR go to Yard Dog Press
    for some of the more obscure titles.

    Thanks for inquiring.


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