Ideas and Execution

A few weeks ago I read a really terrific story by Adam-Troy Castro, called Arvies.  Check it out, it is, as they say, killer.

Last weekend I went to ConText, as I reported.  Usually when I come home from a convention I’m energized, can’t wait to get to the computer and write something.  Not this time.  I was unusually enervated.  Maybe I have too much on my mind.


Last night, though, a story idea popped into my head from something Donna said and I have written the first few paragraphs.  I look at it and see that it is inspired in part by Adam’s story.  Probably not nearly so good, but there’s a connection.  Not at all the same thing, but a connection.

And I’m balking.  This one is edgy.  Serrated, in fact.  The kind of idea that could draw blood.  I’m balking not because I’m afraid to write it, but because bad execution could turn it into farce or insult or worse.  So I’m being careful.  The trick is to not be so careful I careful the life out of it.

But now that I’ve told you about it, I have to finish it.

Sneaky, eh?

Stay tuned.

Published by Mark Tiedemann