New Work

I’ve almost filled the portfolios on Zenfolio I initially put up.  Arbitrary numbers, yes, but I opted to include 32 images in each different gallery.  The only two I haven’t completed yet are the People Gallery and the Experimental Gallery.  The former, I’m getting to, the latter will take a bit more time.  In a way, almost everything I’ve been doing on Photoshop has been “experimental”, at least for me.

But I’m now beginning to cull the images in the other Galleries.  Some of them are simply not good enough to be there, so as I do better I will make substitutions.  Here is one of the new images, though, this one in the Experimental Gallery.


At some point, when I’m satisfied, I may convert the Zenfolio site to a fully interactive store.  Even without that, all these photographs can be purchased.  Click on the image desired, copy and paste the url into an email to me with all the relevant info, and I’ll get back to you.

Meanwhile, enjoy.

Published by Mark Tiedemann